Plastic Parts

BH Industrial & Trading Inc. makes a wide variety of plastic parts for many industries.  Some of the plastic parts we manufacture are caps, boards, pipe parts, and valves.

Stamping & Sub Assemblies

BHIT offers a wide variety of stamping and sub-assembly services.  We make many stamped parts for the furniture and automobile industries, as well as latches and more.

Tooling Products

From concept to production tooling, BH Industrial & Trading delivers high quality molds, paying close attention to every detail, to ensure customer satisfaction. AutoCAD, Pro Desktop, Gibbs Cam are used to produce precision tooling.

Aluminum Die Casting Products

BH Industrial & Trading produces mass quantities of precisely engineered aluminum die castings and assemblies.  Ask us about different materials and assembly options that we can provide.

Screw Machine Parts

BH Industrial & Trading Inc. supplies a large variety of screw machine parts, gears, and more.  We also work with clients on prototyping and finding cost-effective materials.

Tubular Steel Products

When it comes to wire products and formed and tubular steel products, BH Industrial & Trading, Inc. manufactures many types to meet the needs of our clients in various industries.


Our new PATENTED “ULTRAGLIDE” Retract, has been getting very good reviews. After years of repairing damage caused by worn out guide pins and bushings, of standard retracts, the “ULTRAGLIDE” retract system, never slides against the blow mold cavity, or the bottom plug seat, eliminating any galling caused by a back and forth motion. Also, we have included, self-lubricating micro slides, to ensure a free moving part. These micro slides, can be replaced easily and quickly, if necessary, to limit down time, and are available as a stock item. Also, “ULTRAGLIDES” are the answer to eliminating a costly and timely repairs caused by galling from pin type and big bulky retracts, that are currently destroying molds in the field now. “ULTRAGLIDES” unique design allows for maximum bearing surfaces, which prolongs the life of the unit and your molds.

Manufactured and distributed, by Sterling Precision Inc. Cranford, NJ, a BH Industrial & Trading (USA) Inc., Company

The “ULTRAGLIDE” retracts ARE being retrofitted in molds that currently have pin type retracts.